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  • Counseling for New Mothers

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    Are you a new mom who is struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression? Do you feel overwhelmed with parenting and have difficulty finding enjoyment in spending time with your baby? Do you feel like you don’t have enough energy to get through the day? Do you feel guilty about wanting time to yourself? Do you feel isolated or avoid social interactions? Do you feel distanced from your partner and others since your baby was born? If this sounds like you, you may be dealing with post-partum depression or anxiety. You are not alone and we can help.

    Symptoms of Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety

    Symptoms of depression and anxiety following the birth of baby are very common for women and can be considered normal in the first few weeks following birth. There are a lot of reasons for this, including hormone changes, lifestyle changes due to having a new baby and a lack of sleep to name a few. Symptoms that last longer than a couple weeks may indicate post-partum depression and anxiety and can include the following:

    Feeling sad, down or depressed

    Having low energy and motivation

    Feelings of guilt and shame

    Feeling disconnected or emotionally distant with baby, partner and/or support system

    Having difficulty experiencing joy or feeling happy

    Hopelessness or helplessness

    Rejecting or ignoring support from others

    Therapy Can Help with Symptoms of Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety

    If you are struggling with symptoms of post-partum depression and anxiety, therapy can help! Our experienced and caring therapists have training and experience in helping new moms who are struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety. In therapy, clients can expect a therapist who is kind and supportive and knows how to help new moms who are dealing with post-partum anxiety and depression. Our moms have told us that with therapy, they feel supported, energized, and confident about their role as a mom to their kids and in other relationships in their lives. 

    Move Forward Counseling’s Approach to the Treatment of Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety

    We provide treatment for post-partum depression and anxiety through both online and in-person therapy. We understand that everyone is unique and that while you are not alone, everyone’s experience is a little different. Our therapists are trained to help you to address symptoms of depression and anxiety and will work with you to find what will best help you. Interventions used by our therapists are based on research and shown to be effective with people who are struggling with depression and anxiety related to the recent birth of a baby. 

    Begin Therapy for Post- Partum Depression and Anxiety in Hershey or Online Anywhere in Pennsylvania

    You don’t have to live with feelings of guilt, depression and isolation after the birth of a baby. Therapy can help you to feel happier, feel more energetic and feel more connected to your baby and other important people in your life. You are already a good mom, but therapy can help you feel like it. Move Forward Counseling has caring and experienced therapists who specialize in therapy for post-partum anxiety and depression. To start therapy today, follow these simple steps:

    1.     Contact Move Forward Counseling

    2.     Let staff know you are looking for help with post-partum concerns

    3.     Meet with one of our therapists with an expertise in post-partum depression and anxiety

    4.     Start being the mom, partner, friend, daughter etc, that you want to be

    Other Services at Move Forward Counseling

    Therapy for post-partum depression and anxiety is not the only service available at Move Forward Counseling. We offer treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, relationship problems, work stress, and more to people of all ages and genders.