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  • Online Counseling

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    Are you in need of support, but find it hard to fit an in-person appointment into your schedule? Are you a stay-at-home parent or working from home and find it hard to leave the house for an appointment? Are you someone who struggles to attend in-person appointments because of illness or lack of transportation? Or do you just feel more comfortable getting support in the comfort of your own home?

    Reasons to Get Help Online

    While everyone has difficult times, there are sometimes that you might need some extra support from a professional that is trained to help you. 

    Some people seek online therapy for the following:


    Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks

    Relationship Problems

    Low Self Esteem or Self Image Concerns

    Eating Disorders


    Work Stress

    Greif and Loss

    Stress Related to Change

    And More

    Getting Help Online Can Help with Anxiety, Depression and More

    If you are someone that would benefit from being able to receive support via online therapy, we can help! Our therapists work with people with all different kinds of struggles online to provide the same interventions and support that are delivered in in-person therapy sessions. Our clients who are seen via online therapy feel just as good and make just as much progress as those that come in person.  Some clients have also reported making even more progress because they felt comfortable being in the comfort of their own home and didn’t have the stress of transportation to and from the appointment. Others have found that they have been able to have a healthier home and work life balance by having sessions during a lunch break at work. 

    Move Forward Counseling’s Approach to Online Therapy

    We provide on-line therapy via a confidential and HIPAA compliant audio and video platform that allows our therapists to meet with individuals in the convenience of their own homes, while the kids are sleeping or during a lunch break at work. Our therapists are always in a private and confidential location so that you can feel comfortable and safe during your session. Our staff will direct you through the simple process of connecting with your therapist online and be there to support you if you are having any problems connecting to your therapist. In online therapy appointments, our therapists use the same therapeutic approaches they use in traditional in person therapy appointments. 

    Begin Online Therapy Anywhere in Pennsylvania

    You don’t have to live with stress, anxiety and depression just because attending appointments in person is difficult. Online therapy can help you cope with life’s difficulties at a time and place that fits into your schedule. Move Forward Counseling has caring therapists who specialize in Online Therapy. To start your online therapy journey, follow these simple steps:

    1.     Contact Move Forward Counseling

    2.     Talk with our staff and let them know you are interested in Online Therapy

    3.     Meet with one of our expert therapists

    4.     Start prioritizing your own needs and finding the support you need to thrive

    Other Services at Move Forward Counseling

    Online therapy is not the only service available at Move Forward Counseling. We also offer in-person services in Lancaster, PA and provide services to people of all ages and genders. We provide treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, relationship problems, work stress, and more.